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Editorial statement on this homepage.


The “Vorbote – Für Weg und Ziel der revolutionären Bewegung” ("Harbinger - For the way and goal of the revolutionary movement") is a propaganda-oriented Marxist journal, whose first number appeared in 2018. With our work we want to contribute, as stated in the subtitle, to the "way and goal" of the revolutionary movement in Austria and also do a service to the international communist movement. Our worldview is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, anyway we understand ourselves as a red propaganda collective - propaganda in its classically mean "the communication of many ideas to the few" (as opposed to agitation, which is to communicate "a few basic ideas to the many").


Our journal has been published since May 2018 in irregular intervals and mainly in monothematic issues (200 years of Karl Marx, Rojava-question, class struggle in healthcare and Coivd-19, Paris Commune, Palestine/Israel... and many more). Until now, we distributed our articles on questions of the revolutionary movement almost exclusively in print and direct handouts. Only individual articles were passed on for online publication to certain news sites, which thankfully published them. We do not want to change this policy in the dissemination of our writings principally, but we do want to expand it considerably, for which purpose the work with this homepage should serve us. As well we intend to put some of our older works online in the near future. For principle political reasons, we will continue to not disclose all products of our collective work for the general public, but we will do so significantly more and more systematically than before. This is required from us by the class struggle, the new situation in which communists all over the world find themselves, and the necessities that have thus arisen in the revolutionary movement.


Originally, the work we are starting with this homepage was to be given to the revolutionary public as a contribution to the international campaign in defense of the life and health of Chairman Gonzalo. The insidious and unforgivable assassination of Chairman Gonzalo on September 11, 2021 by the reactionary Peruvian state and imperialism could not stop this campaign. The communists leading it, understood how to reorient it as a campaign in defense of the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful Thought in the given conditions and thus inflicting an important defeat on the reaction. We want to support this campaign resolutely and with all our strength, which is why we see the work of this homepage as a decisive contribution to it and why we are making this organ accessible to the revolutionary public for the first time with September 24, 2021, the international day of action on the 29th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo's great speech. We expressly welcome this day of action and thank the Communist Party of Peru and the Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction) for the valuable initiative of calling for it.


We will expand the publications of our collective propaganda with statements and documents of the international communist movement. The criterion for this is not that we agree on every point, but that we consider them, first, generally correct, second, that they are a contribution or impulse to which the revolutionary movement should pay attention. The same applies to actions that we will document here, although in the sense of our self-understanding this is not the main focus of our work. Documents of the international communist movement circulated in Austria so far in direct transmission and progressive news pages reported regularly on it, nevertheless there was in the past too little open expression of these documents in their entirety, which was a clear lack, and which is why we want to end this condition with our work on this homepage. J. V. Stalin stated that "revolutionary theory is the experience of the international workers' movement, taken in its general form". We consider this definition to be correct. But it points in two directions at once: On the one hand, the international aspect, because the proletariat, with its Communist Parties, is at the head of the world proletarian revolution and leads it (while its main force is the democratic revolution of the oppressed peoples and nations, with the peasantry as the largest class).

On the other hand, the "experience", which means the sum of those acquired knowledge, teachings, decisions, determinations, etc., which the international proletariat, the oppressed peoples and nations have already gained and produced in their struggle. From this rich and indispensable "treasury of Marxism" it is necessary to learn in order to start from a firm, high level, not to repeat certain mistakes and to be able to concentrate on new tasks. Therefore, we will continuously fill the "Archive" section with the imperishable contributions of the classics of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, make available in it historical publications of Communist parties and revolutionary movements of the whole world, and publish other (often rare) important documents. In doing so, we also aim to promote two-line struggle in the revolutionary movement and debate, which is why we look forward to future feedback, contributions to discussions, and submissions. All sections will be built up over time, our publication languages will be mainly German and English for the time being, but in the course of our work others will be added both systematically and for particular cases.



Editorial staff Vorbote,

September 24, 2021